Review: The Complete Walk South Bank for #Shakespeare400

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Welcome back. That is to say, one might have noticed a little break in our modest blog. This time has been filled with work, holidays, texts of regret about said blog, and lots of back and forth guilt. K and I spent a nice few days in the country reading and playing board games and promising to do better – alas, this was a few weeks ago and only now am I writing a post. This is a review of my trip down the Thames for the Shakespeare festival (K couldn’t make it and she was not happy).

Spoiler alert: it was really awesome.

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So, last weekend the Thames was filled with short film screenings to mark 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. There were 37 films in total for each of Shakespeare’s plays and the whole walk took us about 6 hours. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see all the films – because it was freezing for late April – but we caught all the ones we wanted to see.

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Fitting each play’s narrative into ten minute shorts obviously presented a unique challenge for the organisers but, thankfully, all the films we saw were spectacular. To describe each play they used footage from previous Globe productions of the plays and used it to bookend the famous scenes performed by our good ol’ British actors. I think my favourite of all the shorts was Comedy of Errors with Omid Djalili. It managed to convey the story whilst having a really powerful middle scene. Unfortunately Poor Capaldi in Coriolanus was drowned out by the trains from Waterloo going over Hungerford bridge! Also, I heard that people who went on Saturday had a lot of broken screens but we only encountered one (one of the Henry’s which — thanks to my degree — I wasn’t too desperate to see anyway!)

Overall, it was such thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the most significant Shakespeare anniversary in my lifetime. They’ll be a lot of interesting thing’s going on in London celebrating in 2016 and I’m sure K and I will try to get to as many as we can. Follow the Globe for more information as to how to see the shorts in the future.