Review: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

What a great book! I picked up my copy in a cosy little bookshop in East London called Brick Lane Book. It was the kind of bookshop that makes it all too easy to part with your money and one you’re tempted to set up home in (seriously, we were asked to leave!). I don’t usually buy non-fiction books as I’m normally preoccupied with the fiction / classics / YA sections but I recently binged watched Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series ‘Master of None’ and was itching to see what his book was like. I’m not sure I’m exactly in his demographic as the book is heavily focussed on being single in the modern age. But Aziz’s humour coupled with surprising insight and an impressive amount of research made this an engrossing read.

Ansari focusses on love in the modern world which entails, predictably, a lot of discussion about how technology has impacted our ability to connect with one another. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I picked up a sociology book primarily written by a comedian but I was pleasantly surprised. Aziz Ansari (and co-author Eric Klinenberg) committed themselves to thoroughly researching this book using focus groups, interviews and even reddit. The effect of Ansari plus actual research is a kind of hilarious thesis about the pitfalls of modern modes of dating. Although the revelations aren’t all that surprising, the statistics and graphs make for an interesting read with Ansari’s humour an added bonus.

One thing I loved was the use of colour print. Seriously, more adult books should be printed in colour – I know it’s expensive but so thrilling to see. I must be sad because I was far too excited to see that smooth cobalt print.

Overall, it is Ansari’s strong narrative voice that guides the reader through the research and keeps them entertained with insightful and often hilarious anecdotes and jokes. It’s a great read for people looking for love or otherwise.


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